Monday, July 7, 2008

Bought a japanese afk tool!

Hey everyone, i bought some nice Japanes AFK tool for B.A.S.E. .... but seems not to work :( so i tried to read the instructions note:

AFK tool -hune kogi- 取り扱い説明書
ご不明な点は、NOW2000 Jewell まで

Anyway, i did not understand the note, but Kekoa was so friendly to make me a translation, here is comes:

xKekoa Altamura: (ja->en) AFK tool-hune kogi-and instructions are available in this time Thank you. This is, AFK, and when you wear your appeal to the state's only tool. You can calligraphy scrolls, calligraphy scrolls of characters will change. Collectibles as a joke and enjoy and would be sorry. If you have any questions, NOW2000 Jewell would be to respond to the IM bon appétit. Let the good times AFK ♪

Well....ehmz maybe Ema Burt can help me :)

Greetings MY

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