Monday, August 18, 2008

Japanese Sims

We at Base are really close and good friends, it is wonderful at times to come here and meet up with our mates, but coming here we can also see our differences. Japanese Sims are a big one for me at the moment, MY, as we all know, has a facination with Japan and the creations that he finds in the Japanese Sims, Me, however, has zero facination with them. I have no problem with the people, some wonderful people, some not so, same as in every sim, but for me there is just not the facination that our MY has!
So while Base has some lovely things, such as the people (Opal, Nadia, Babe, even MY), the facination with Japanese Sims so loved by MY, does not pass on to me!
Am I alone???


DJ OPAL said...

I think Japanese sims are okay but not the end all of whats available in SL. I do however think that they are very good at graphics and making things look very realistic.

Anonymous said...

When is see how the Japanese builders have eye for every detail, even the borders at the sims are nice, then i find also hidden treasures, little gadgets, funny things around, yes then i became facinated, and i made some wonderfull friends around!

To all who read this comments i advice to take a look around then respond on this thread :)

Greetings MY