Sunday, August 24, 2008

SL hates me

Why does SL hate me so much? Is it just me or everybody? I was in Base, started to get a little group together, all good, happy days, and then the public chat stopped working for me, stupid sl, so I relog, or tried to relog as the case is, and now I can not log back in! HATES ME!!!! Help me please!!!!


Kekoa said...
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MY Nimbus said...

Hi Antje, i think SL hates so now and then everyone, the newest version is very unstable for me, what you can try is; go to preferences and lower some settings in graphics, also possible is, delete the new version and install an older version, wich actually workd very well for me.

Here is the download

You can finetune this version also, if you have for example a 256MB videocard, then put this on 128MB in graphics settings.

Hope you will be soon then i can help you with the finetune!

Greetings MY